VBS 2020

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We need YOUR help with VBS:  VBS will be held July 6-10, Monday-Friday, from the comfort of your own home. Ember Davis specifically needs the following kinds of help:

Small Group Leader

Time Requirement Prior to VBS Week: max of 2 hours estimated (Some time between approx. June 25-June 29)

– Nature of VBS prep work: Small groups will consist of similarly-aged children, ideally no more than 6-8 per group. We would like small group leaders to help contact the parents of each child in their group the week before VBS and ensure they understand the format, and remind them when their small group call will be held on Zoom each day during VBS Week. I will have discussion starter questions and a Zoom practice call for anyone who would like practice.

Nightly Time Requirement During VBS Week: 1.5 hour estimate for small group Zoom call each afternoon or evening, based on your availability. If, during previous week phone calls, you determine that a child or their parents may not be comfortable with or able to use Zoom, a quick 15 minute call would be wonderful to make sure they enjoyed the take-home elements of the lesson.

Supply Packer

Time Requirement – Prior to June 30- as much time as you are willing!

Nature of work – Assist in packing items for VBS participants to take home which will supplement the video lessons for each day during VBS. Each day will have a bag of materials, so each child will have 5 bags needing to be packed. Your assistance may be done in socially distanced shifts in areas of the FLC, and/or at your home, depending on your level of comfort, the number of volunteers we have, and the number of children signed up. We plan to have any items sit for 72 hours between each person who may touch them.

YouTube Sensation (Don’t skim past this – it’s EASY!) 

Time Commitment: an hour or less, total, depending on how satisfied you are with your first

 take! Final videos would need to be filmed and shared with Ember by June 30 to allow for editing, but we need you to sign up soon so she can assign your topic!

Nature of work: Are you willing to serve us as a video leader? You don’t have to interact with anyone or  anything but your smart phone camera! This is an awesome opportunity to show your face to the young people in our congregation who might miss you while we are continuing our online Sunday service format. We have spots for leaders to facilitate science, recreation, and crafts! You can lead an activity as a family! You only have to help with one subject on one day – we’d love to involve as many people as possible. If we have fewer volunteers, I may ask if you could do a few videos, but our goal is to have new surprise guests each day!

Note: For those doing any kind of video – whether prerecorded or if interacting with small groups of VBS children, I have props for you to match our theme, and virtual Zoom backgrounds! All volunteers will also get a fun VBS shirt. 🙂

Packet PickUp: Depending upon Volunteer availability, we will have a day or two of packet pick-up available at FUMC for local participants. Other participants who live too far to drive will have digital materials shared with them via email. Your role could be as little as one hour, or as long as 3 hours. You will need to wear gloves and a mask, but still show off that VBS enthusiasm as families drive by and receive their packets and T-shirts. Once these volunteers are set, we will be able to share the time slots and exact date of Pickup with our families. It will be held sometime during the week of June 29-July 3. Volunteers will be outdoors but in the shade. PLEASE Volunteer today by contacting Ember at 469-831-7760 or davisember@gmail.com.