Disciple Bible Study

Disciple Bible Study is a unique opportunity to enjoy an in-depth Bible study with a small group of people who grow as Jesus’ disciples together. Each week includes daily Bible readings and a class session which combines group discussion, video presentation and a study manual to go deeply into God’s word.


2020-2021 Disciple Courses

Disciple I

This is a 34-week survey course of the entire Bible. Prerequisite for all other studies. In Disciple I, we read almost the entire Bible straight through, from Genesis to Revelation in 32-34 weeks! As we study and reflect with one another, we come to deepen our commitment as Christ’s disciples.
Disciple I is the prerequisite for Disciple II-IV and Christian Believer.

Disciple II

This is a 32-week in-depth study of Genesis, Exodus, Luke & Acts. In Disciple II, we focus on the Old Testament books of Genesis and Exodus and the New Testament books of Luke and Acts. In addition to the Bible, we also have several other supplementary readings to deepen our understanding. During study and reflection, we come to discover how we may serve God in the world.
Prerequisite: Disciple I

Disciple III

This is a 32-week study of the prophets and the letters of Paul. In Disciple III, we focus on the Prophets of the Old Testament and the Letters of Paul. Through our study and reflection, we come to a deeper understanding of what it means to be individuals within the community of God.
Prerequisite: Disciple I

Disciple IV

This is a 32-week study of the Old Testament Writings (books not in the Torah or Prophets) and the Johannine writings, James, and Jude in the New Testaments. In Disciple IV, we focus on the Writings in the Old Testament (books like Ruth, 1 & 2 Chronicles, Ezra, Nehemiah, Job, Psalms, etc.) as well as John’s gospel and letters, James, Jude, and Revelation in the New Testament. As we study and reflect with one another, we look toward the fulfillment of God’s promises.
Prerequisite: Disciple I

Youth Disciple

This is a survey course of the Bible for older youth (ages 16-18). The youth edition of Disciple I is modified for teenagers and helps them to deepen their commitment as Christ’s disciples as they study holy scripture. Youth Disciple also prepares teenagers to participate in Disciple II-IV, Jesus in the Gospels and Christian Believer.

Disciple: Jesus in the Gospels

This is a 32-week study of the way each Gospel writer portrays Jesus and expresses his significance. Disciple: Jesus in the Gospels is the first in the second generation of Disciple studies. In this study, we focus on the ways each gospel writer presents Jesus and his significance. As we study and reflect with one another, we become more committed to serving the living Christ.
Prerequisite: Disciple I, Recommended: Disciple II, III, and/or IV

Short-Term Disciple Studies

Dive in deeper to a particular biblical book with one of these 8-12 week studies. These 8-10 week studies delve deeper into particular books of the Bible. Available studies include Genesis, Psalms, John, & Romans.

Christian Believer

This is a 32-week study of the classic doctrines of the Christian faith. In Christian Believer, we study the classic doctrines of the Christian faith as they relate to worship, belief, and our daily life. Doing so, we seek to become more deeply connected with God and live more faithfully.
Prerequisite: Disciple I